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Photo of Paul Myers

This photo of me was taken at ADFA. If you click on it, you will see a set of other photos of me, the last with my now (as at Apr 2006) nearly 8 year old female long-coat chihuahua at her first dog show in 2002 standing ready to be examined by the Judge.

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Physical Location

My physical home is in Queanbeyan NSW AUSTRALIA which is located just outside the Australian Capital Territory (Canberra, ACT). Even though the ACT is on AEST (GMT +10:00), Canberra is actually a time difference of slightly over 8 minutes west of Sydney when one remembers that each degree of longitude equals 4 minutes of time (GMT +09:52!). The ACT lines up with NSW for Daylight Saving Time in Summer when clocks are advanced to GMT +11:00. See the table below for the actual longitudes, latitudes, etc. The last column ('GMT') is included just for a bit of fun.

Canberra (CBR)
Queanbeyan (QBN)
Sydney (SYD)
Sydney Harbour Bridge
SYD-CAN (or CAN-SYD) Offset
SYD-QBN (or QBN-SYD) Offset
1°22'S (or 1°22'N)
1°24'S (or 1°24'N)
2°02'W (or 2°02'E)
1°56'W (or 1°56'E)
±00:08:08 ¶
±00:07:44 ¶
It is suggested that, unless otherwise indicated, the above data refers to the co-ordinates of the City's major post office
That is, either the GPO for Canberra and Sydney, or the PO for Queanbeyan
Note: For GMT Offset entries (±hh:mm:ss ¶), read '+hh:mm:ss' for East (eg. CAN-SYD) and '-hh:mm:ss' for West (eg. SYD-CAN)

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My Flags

My Nation's Flag
My State's Flag

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Email-to-Fax Gateway

The following URL for 'The Phone Company' ( contains more details on how to send faxes, free of charge via the Internet and is well worth investigating. NOTE: It only allows faxes to be sent one-way. It is not possible to receive faxes as email. This should be advised in any faxes sent using the gateway.

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Link to My Freeware Page

If you would like to try out my freeware programs, just click here and follow the instructions.

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My URL Link Pages

Please note that the contents of the following links may contain "broken" links. "Coolnerds" is not one of my webpages but is included here for the your interest only. The other three are mine but are no longer being maintained and I have no intention of doing so in the near, middle or distant future. Thank you for your understanding. Any corespondence relating to such links will be ignored. Sorry for that.

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Miscellaneous Items of Interest

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Links to PC Users' Groups in Australia

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My Chihuahua's "Homepage", etc

Click here to see Romana's homepage.

If you want to see how old your dog is in human years or how old you are in dog years click here. This link is also offerred on Romana's homepage.

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Looking for a Justice of the Peace in and for the State of NSW?

Are you looking for a Justice of the Peace "in and for the State of NSW" to either certify documents as true copies or to witness documents (Statutory Declarations, Affidavits, etc)? The click here to access the JP Register on the NSW Attorney General's website (LawLink).

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World Time Zones

Click here to see World Time Zone table reproduced from "Parkers' Astrology" by Julia and Derek Parker [Reference credited on link page]

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List of Generations

Click here to see a " List of Generations" from the beginning of the 20th Century and " Generation Jones" (Ref: Wikipedia).

A summary appears below - see above link for more details:

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200 Year Calendar & Calendar for Years 1601 to 2200 incl.

Click here to see the Index to a standard 200 year calendar for the years 1851 to 2050.

Click here to see the Index to Calendar for the years 1601 to 2200.

Click here to see a Table of Year Numbers.

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Julian Dates - ie. Dates in the format 'yyyyddd'

Click here to see Non-Leap Year Julian Date table

Click here to see Leap Year Julian Date table

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Gregorian Date to Julian Day Number and visa versa

Click here to access Gregorian Date and Julian Day Number calculators.

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Turn of the 'Real' Century & Millennium

Some Royal Observatory, Greenwich Links on this subject

The first millennium went from 1AD to 1000AD, the second millennium went from 1001AD to 2000AD (not 1999AD) and the third millennium will, therefore, go from 2001AD to 3000AD, etc. The logic is the same for centuries and decades.

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