Site Philosophy

Site Philosophy

The philosophy behind the design of all of my personal webpages (that is, pages with the root URL "") is that they must all be developed in raw HTML source code. As such, all pages were, and future updates and new pages will be, developed using "AceHTML 6 Pro" and uploaded to the host server using "AceFTP Freeware".

The reason for using source code rather than a more sophisticated program such as Dreamweaver, Frontpage or the built-in capabilities of Word & Excel to produce HTML code, is twofold:

  1. I get more satisfation out of developing these pages from scratch and as such, understanding what makes the final pages on the site appear the way they do when displayed on a web browser; and,
  2. Source code generated this way leads to smaller file sizes than a similar page produced using one of the more sophisticated programs, such as Dreanweaver or frontpage.

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