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1. All of the programs downloadable from this page are FREEWARE.
2. In all of my programs, input fields are white and output fields are either yellow, blue or green.
3. They are distributed on an 'as is' basis. While I believe the output from all programs to be as accurate as possible, no liability can or will be accepted with respect to how they may be used 'in the field'.
4. Unless specifically indicated in the program, all of my programs use METRIC (SI) and not Imperial units. That is, my programs use millimetres (mm), centimetres (cm), metres (m), kilometres (km), etc, for length; Litres (L) for volume; square metres (m) for area; kilometres per hour (km/h) for speed; etc. Sorry, but the programs were originally designed for my personal use only.
5. The source code for programs on this page may be provided, at the discretion of the author, on request. However, if it is decided to release the source code, the conditions included in the "ReadMe" file MUST be adhered to.

Copyright Notice: All programs are copyright but may be used and distributed freely. Reverse engineering of the code is, however, prohibited.

The following programs are available for downloading. A comment form is also available for your use:

Date Converter

This program includes a toggle to switch the base date between 01 March 1600 CE and 01 January 4713 BCE. The examples below use the (Gregorian) date format that is used in Britain, New Zealand, Australia, etc - that is, dd mmm yyyy. The Julian date is the number of days since the base date.

This program includes a PDF Help file containing screen images from a "not for distribution" version. The distributed version has only 3 command buttons at the bottom of the screen, but the images in the Help file show 4 command buttons. Please ignore the "DTPicker Demo" button in the Help documentation.

The main algorithm used is based on that published in "Collected Algorithms of the CACM" (Algorithm 199-P 1-0) developed by Robert G. Tantzen of the (US) Air Force Missile Development Center, Holloman AFB, New Mexico in the mid-1960's and should be available in the larger public libraries.

Base Date Gregorian Date Julian Date
01 March 1600 CE 11 Jan 2005 147875
01 Jan 4713 BCE 11 Jan 2005 2453382

Note: CE (or 'Common Era') is the new 'replacement' for AD. BCE (or 'Before the Common Era') is the new 'replacement' for BC.

Download the setup file for the Date Converter program here.


Motor Vehicle Log Book

This program lets you maintain the following data for a motor vehicle:

You can also use separate directories and/or files for each motor vehicle, etc, that you own and/or for each driver who is authorised to drive one (or more) of your motor vehicles.

Download the setup file for the Motor Vehicle Logbook program here.


Wind Chill Factor

This program is based on the Celcius/kph formula found on various websites. The equations as used in the program are shown in the attached PDF File. The formula used was located using the Google Australia search engine and the keywords "Wind Chill Fctor Formula Metric" and set to search "the web".

If anyone would like to check my derivations of the second (Temperature) and third & fourth (Constant for Wind Speed & Wind Speed) equations, please feel free and let me know your conclusions. It was found that the Wind Speed equation was essnetially a form of the quadratic equation, but instead of solving for "x" I was solving for the "square root of x" and so had to then square my result. Check this using the finished calculator seemed to suggest that this was a reasonable approach to take.

Download the setup file for the Wind Chill Factor program here.

See Windchill sample calculation webpage:

Note: The windchill program and the above windchill calculators require wind speed to be in kilometres per hour. The conversion factors are as follows:

Use this Conversion routine to convert knots to km/hr and visa versa.

Click here to view and/or download a copy of the equations used to calculate the Windchill factor, windspeed and air temperature. Your will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file.



This program was "inspired" by a lesson my mentoring teacher was giving one of his classes during my Second Semester 2004 (5 week) pre-service teaching practicum at a local high school. The students had to find the surface area of the general service shed located at the school and then, assuming a rainfall of 25.4 mm (ie. 1") apply the factor "4.5 g/m/inch" to determine the volume of water a rainwater tank would have collected. My algorithm converts the imperial measurements to metric for this exercise. My revised factor is "0.805409645669L/m/mm". Units are: g - imperial gallons; m - surface area of shed in square metres; inch - inches of rain; L - litres; mm - millimetres of rain. If anyone would like to check this conversion factor, I would be please to hear from you. The second version of the program uses the more accurate factor of "1L/m/mm". This factor can be confirmed, mathematically, as follows:

  1. We know that:
    • 1L = 1000mL = 1000cm = 1000cc;
    • 1m = 100cm;
    • 1cm = 10mm;
    • 1mm = 0.001m;
    • 1dm = 0.1m;
    • 1mm = 0.01dm; and,
    • 1m = 10dm
  2. Also:
    • 1L = 1m x 1m x 0.001m = 0.001m
    • 1L = 10dm x 10dmm x 0.01dm = 1dm
    • 1L = 100cm x 100cm x 0.10cm = 1000cm
    • Therefore, 1L = 0.001m = 1000cm = 1000cc = 1dm
  3. Therefore, our factor becomes 1L/m/mm

Download the setup file for version 1 (0.81L/m/mm) of the Rainfall program here.
Download the setup file for version 2 (1L/m/mm) of the Rainfall program here.
Download the setup file for version 3 (1L/m/mm) of the Rainfall program here. This version includes a surface area calculator which inserts its result into the area input box for you.

See Rainfall sample calculation webpage (uses 1L/m/mm):


Downloadable (Ready-to-Run) Executables

Here are the compiled executables for you to download, if you already have Visual Basic 6

If you get an error message indicating that you require images for the toolbar buttons, then download and install the Toolbar Image zip file. The contents will extract into the correct sub-directory for the program. If you put all of the programs in the same directory, you will only require one copy of this sub-directory. This directory, however, must be subordinate to the directory in which the program/s is/are located, therefore, set the "extract to" directory as the one the program/s is/are in and let WinZip create the sub-ordinate directory for you.


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